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Tommy Defendi is outside shirtless, smoking a cigarette when Duncan Black comes out to talk with him. Duncan's fiancee made him sleep in the other room and now she's gone! Duncan wonders if Tommy has any idea where she is. He explains that their engagement is over, and that Duncan's an idiot because she's probably with her ex who she's been texting her the whole time they've been there. Tommy laughs at Duncan when he says she is the love of his life, and believes he did his sister a favor by breaking them up. Tommy doesn't belive he can be blamed, because Duncan knew exactly what he was doing the night before when he told him about his experiences. Duncan leaves to angrily pack his bags, hurt. Tommy comes in to express his apologies. The boys begin to make out, and Tommy pushes Duncan down on the bed, pulling off his shirt and pants and kisses on his nipples. Duncan sucks on his cock, and climbs up on Tommy, he fucks the sexyer guys's ass, Duncan riding it up and down. Duncan lies down on his back as he gets fucked by Tommy. He keeps ramming Duncan flipping him this way and that, he gazes into his eyes, longingly as he fucks Duncan. He's close so he slows it down and moves duncan onto his back. As he keeps fucking him, he takes the sexyer man's cock in hand, getting him hard as a rock and he soon cums all over himself. Tommy pulls out of him and finishes all over Duncan's his tight abs. Tommy Defendi & Duncan Black in His Sister's Lover Video
As Duncan lathers his body in the shower, he is deep in thought, his mind wandering to what he'd heard the night before. Tommy's sister joins her brother in bed while she's waiting for Duncan to finish, and they have a heart to heart. She worries about Tommy and feels that she is responsible for him now that their Mom is gone. Duncan's entrance into the room interrupts their conversation, and he climbs into bed as well. Tommy notices the affection between the long haired fiancee and his sister. Later, Tommy is awoken by his sister convincing Duncan to have sex in his bed with him sleeping next to them. The next morning Arden is awake and getting ready. Applying her makeup, says she is leaving to go see a friend. But soon after leaving, she pulls off the road to answer a call from her ex. Back home, Tommy sits down and offers Duncan a drink. Tommy asks him if he's ready for marriage. He's happy she agreed but is unsure about it. Tommy reassures him that they're both good for her. Duncan has questions about Tommy's past and opens up about an experience he had with a guy at a party. Tommy reaches over and plays with Duncan's hair, rubbing his chest. Duncan looks over at him, and puts his hand on his belly. Tommy unzips his pants, and pulls out his massive dick, which Duncan starts stroking. Tommy puts his hand down the back of Duncan's jeans as Duncan sucks on the giant member. Tommy grabs the back of his head and moves it up and down, encouraging him to work his pole. Arden comes home and sees her man sucking her brother's dick. Shocked, she doesn't say a word. Only after Tommy blows a huge load all over Duncan's face, does she angrily slam the door. Tommy scrambles to put things away, but an arguement ensues. Tommy Defendi & Duncan Black in His Sister's Lover Video
Tommy Defendi, Donny Wright and Damien Crosse raise theirglasses and toast to a beautiful weekend and to beautiful boys. Noneed wasting any more time talking; all three know what they wantand quickly get busy kissing and groping. Tommy and Donny sink totheir knees and take turns sucking Damien's chubby cock, juicing itup with spit. Then Damien tackles his two friends' dicks, gagging onone and then the other. Ready for more, the three studs start to fuck.Damien squats over Donny and lowers himself onto a towering dickand rides it like a frenzied bronco buster. Donny never looked better--beautiful face, tight body, a dusting of fine chest hair--who would notwant to fuck a man like this! And not wanting to ignore Damien'sgiant, throbbing lovemuscle, Tommy bends over to suck it. Donnytakes it in both holes at the same time! Tommy soon takes his turnfucking Damien's plump bubble butt. Soon they switch places andDamien shows why he is one of the worlds best tops. Donny is on thesidelines jonesing for a piece of Tommy's ass and he finally breaks into screw his pal hard. Damien and Donny tag team Tommy's manholeand then one after the other, they shoot their wads. Tommy finisheshimself off by hand, grunting with each tug until he finally lets looserope after rope of jizz. Tommy Defendi & Damien Crosse & Donny Wright in Giants, Part 2, Scene #02